When not to condom historic rivalry.

An Argentinean condom company came up with this ad before a soccer match  to show the Brazilians what they were going to do to them.


Brazil won the match and their Football organization replied to the ad.

bra won

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75 Responses

  1. This goes under the heading – “They’re not like us!”

  2. Bloody good…very inspiring…It should be outside my door

  3. did they mean…. futbol?

    • you mean futebol?

      • If you don’t speak English then yes, futbol is correct. However, for all of us who do, football is the proper way to spell it.

      • @almost….

        yeah, football is the correct spelling in english
        unless you mean soccer……..


    • They meant soccer

      • “soccer”!? its football – english invention, english word. deal with it. none of this american soccer crap. you yanks ruin everything

      • “soccer” is from “association football” and was originally an english term.

        you brits need to learn about your own sport.

        • Said by a man who’s “World Series Baseball” includes the US and Canada! 😀

          • The best baseball players in the world come to the United States to play baseball, to entertain Americans and earn money from it. Considering how many foreign nationals have had free opportunity to do this in the United States, I think the least they could do is call it World Series Baseball.

            You can keep your soccer garbage. World Series Baseball is far superior

            I think it’s ironic that people call it the “world wide web” when most web companies, computers, servers, and web sites originated in the US. Maybe we should call it the “F***ing American Web”

            • World series Baseball…isn’t that a few American teams playing each other? New York Yankees [Highlanders] (AL),[Philadelphia/Kansas City] Oakland Athletics (AL) , Boston Red Sox [Americans] (AL),Pittsburgh Pirates (NL),[New York] San Francisco Giants,Detroit Tigers (AL),Chicago White Sox (AL),[Boston/Milwaukee] Atlanta Braves (NL),[Wash. Senators/Nationals] Minnesota Twins,[St. Louis Browns] Baltimore Orioles (AL),Philadelphia Phillies (NL), Cleveland Indians (AL). And then the team wins the world series which inspires them to go play a game against one of those few countries like Cuba, Japan etc…and get trounced by them…World series baseball you say????

              • Could you link an instance of the World Series winner getting beaten by a non-MLB team?

                I think you’re probably ranting about the olympics. So yes, teh only team that Cuba sports beat our amateurs.

                Go Third World!

                You see where I’m going here? We have pros, and amateurs. If we allowed the Cubans to play in the major leagues, all of their decent players would not be eligible for the olympics.

  4. haha thats just brilliant.

  5. Its so bloody good. It reminds of a game i used to play when i was young, we used to call it, ‘big fish, small fish.’

  6. I think Brazil’s reply would of been better if they used a lower case “b” to make a boner.

    • So you think them getting a boner over a wilter is better than them mooning the other team and causing a wilter? I think their solution works better.

  7. “..would have..”

    You meant to write “..would have…”

    Unless you are ignorant, sloppy and in general a complete waste of carbohydrates, I mean.

  8. Forsooth! Yonder photograph appearseth to have been altered photoshoppically!

  9. hahaha, good one on Brasil’s part.

  10. This is great I love it. Check out my blog Bobby Gee

  11. shopped


  13. as it suggested from their replay brazil is still looking for some assfuc*ing

  14. SHOPppppped..
    Look at this too, its an
    Electronic Cigarett – tobacco companies are lobbying the hell out of the fda to try and ban it…

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  16. holy shit…i just moved my couch away from the wall and discovered a secret door. i pryed it open with a tire iron and discovered 3 very scared niggers. turns out my house sits on top of the underground railroad and them coons have been under my house for 150 years. go figure!

  17. LOL! Now that’s creative.

  18. This is what happens when you go for the suggestive advertising. It words both ways.

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  20. HAHAHAHAHA. This was so funny that I shit in my pants.

  21. great way to advertise the condoms,,,,,,, ha ha

  22. hey phil, what did you do with your shitty pants – that kinda sucks man

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  24. […] My partner in crime on the rap stage, dude named TWise living down in Mexico, put me on to this hilarious ad from condom company Tulipan, some pre-match intimidation prior to Argentina facing off against […]

  25. That’s funny. Sometimes I put christmas lights on my penis

  26. LOL! I like this ad. funny funny

  27. Very funny!! 🙂

  28. Say…That kind of looks like a…and that other one, uh…and then…OMFGTISFFTIAROFLMAOABMACTMN!

  29. That is funny…

  30. I don’t get the green one…

    • The once erected penis in the blue ad Its a fading penis in the green one. you know, its typical of argentine, they are so arrogant.

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  33. Uhmmmm…to all those that made comments about these being photoshopped – well, they are graphics. Aren’t all graphics photoshopped to one degree or another?

  34. I thought the first one comes second… if Argentina lost, why does the caption on the first one read “already thinking of the re-match?” does not make sense….

    • I believe they are assuming the Brazilians will lose and are thinking of a rematch before the first one even happens. Kind of silly, though.

  35. You don’t get it? The green ad shows a limp, non-erect penis.

  36. hahaha its so funny and a fantastic reply organization is creative too

  37. Very Nice.

    Oh, and we yanks don’t ruin everything. Remember, we did have to kick ya’ll out of this land for being over dominating aristocrats — we did that right. Saying ‘yanks ruin everything’ is almost as bad as saying ‘the brittish have a great dental plan’.

  38. Classic

  39. […] #1 (permalink) Posted Today, 01:56 AM When not to condom historic rivalry. Funny Emails An Argentinean condom company came up with this ad before a soccer match to show the Brazilians […]

  40. Funny. Funny. Funny.

  41. The original ad was genius, the reply was great, but it was a lot easier.

  42. football?

  43. I should have t-shirts made of this! Clever…

  44. Funny

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