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I have over the past years been getting tons of email forwards in my mail…these have been forwarded to friends only hoping that it would entertain them as much as it entertained me.

Share it with us the same way you got it! Forward it to “peterzblog [AT] gmail[DOT]com“, we’ll retitle it and get it onto the site as soon as possible!

Also with my restaurant – D A L F R Y D A Y in Bangalore, I have very little time on my hands to keep you entertained with funny email forwards.

I have therefore put up this blog and will have regular posts done here with help from some very good friends who discover some amazing websites, blogs and hilarious stuff almost every day.

In 2008, I met with an accident, serious enough to keep me  away from this blog for a year. I have begun posting quite regularly since May 2009. Hope to continue bringing you all the smiles while I wind up my business and  rehabilitate myself…

There is no malice, no hatred here-there are only words…

French writer Marguerite Yourcenar once said that it doesn’t matter who is writing. What matters is that it is written. { from the inspiring blog }

Please forward me the original source of any content if you happen to know them, also if you find any posts in this blog that are infringing copyrights of any kind, please feel free to email me with proof and I will only be glad to remove them.

We invite you to add comments to correct, humour and enlighten us on practically every post on this blog.

Don’t forget to click on the links mentioned on these posts – You may be surprised by what you find.

Alternately you may subscribe to Funny Emails on Word Press by clicking here {powered by FeedBlitz}.


Pradeep – 05 August 2010  (If you Like the Blog. Pay it Forward. Also give us a shoutout, we like hearing from you.)

Edit:  If this blog is plain baby food for you and if brain food is your choice…we find you the best recipes for your Gray matter at Corrosive Canvas – we feed sharks there. Yeah, it gets darker and wilder by the day…

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Pradeep – 29 June 2011

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P.S: OK that was a load of crap, I realized there was a load of office spam I was shoveling, and it was pretty darn hard work, with bad results!!!

P.S.S: If you intend to post a comment on this blog kindly refrain from using the comment area to leave your email id’s and personal contact details. Use the appropriate boxes for the same to avoid spam harvesters working on it.

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Thank you for visiting the blog and reading this far. We really appreciate it.

40 Responses

  1. very nice…..

  2. In case you haven’t seen it before, I think you’ll enjoy http://www.bloodyindian.com

    Particularly enjoyed the post about Mallus, for obvious reasons.

    Also, where in blore is DALFRYDAY?

  3. Hey Mina

    Bloody Awesome…the blog rocks…{{giggle}}…
    As for D A L F R Y D A Y look it up here…

  4. hiii
    hello i m salman from india i like your blog and i like to exchange link with you just check it out if you like then reply me soon in my email
    i will wait for your reply

    1); this is my blog
    http://believe-or-not.blogspot .com
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    Greetings, I came across your site and I have spent a couple of hours
    looking over the articles.

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    If you are not interested, no problem.



  5. Hey salman
    Thanks for ur email. As emailed to you please change certain links on your blog if you would like to link up with Funny Emails.

  6. hey..
    really nice collection..
    you’ve got one more regular reader now..
    cheers 🙂

  7. Hello, i love treebeard31.wordpress.com! Let me in, please 🙂

  8. Hi Pradeep,
    Came to know about your blog from a link on my site. I must say its a superb blog especially the way you sort out the best of the usually junk mails that land in in-boxes. 🙂
    Btw would you be interested in a link exchange with http://www.funenclave.com. Its mostly similar kind of traffic.

  9. it roccccks. great idea.

  10. hey pradeep, u hv cm with a fffffffffffffffffresh idea. it rocks

  11. Hi.

    I loved your work.

    I was wondering if you would like to link exchange.
    My traffic is comparable to yours and it’s prooven as you can see.

  12. Gee Tx prayer…

    eLauGhy, cool…link exchange it is then…

    Safin, send me your link too…

  13. e-LauGhs 🙂

    i have send it to peterzblog [at] gmail.com some days ago but with no reply

  14. <a title=”e-LauGhs, the jokes therapy” href=”http://elaughs.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>e-LauGhs :-)</a>

    here is my link

    I will post yours at mine

  15. So pradeep, is everything ok?
    I didn’t hear from you .

  16. Hi Peter,

    Awesome site you have got going.

    Are you interested in a link exchange?

    I have 3 sites related to offer a reciprocal link exchange.


    If you are interested please email me at
    articles555[at]hotmail dot com


  17. thanks for sharing!

  18. yw michelle…and thanks for visiting:)

  19. just wanted to tell you that I think your site is hilarious and unique how do I share the emails on your site with others? is there a way to foward them to others?

  20. @ melissa – Thanks. Sorry, you cannot forward the posts from the blog, however if you subscribe via a feed reader (feedburner) or if you subscribe via email ( feedblitz) you should be able to forward / email the links. Alternately you may copy and paste the post to email. I am sorry this is a small technical difficulty…I am working on sorting this out. Thanks again for visiting.

  21. interesting blog .
    and next time i land in bangalore i shall sup at dalfry too.
    best wishes

    Thanks maami…you are most welcome at Dal Fryday…as they’d say vaango Vaango🙂

  22. Nice blog. Adding you on to my reader.

    Thanks Lakshmi…I Liked the hoarding post and laughed…imagining Gordon summers calling himself “sting”. Not stung, not stinging. STING. Great name…I thought. TX again.

  23. fakt hustý čus !

  24. inspirational work!!!

    Humbled by your comment. Thanks.

  25. hey pradeep m new to blogging and really liked ur blog..would like to learn more but i cant find ur mail id.. i wish i could have mailed u..if u read this..plz give me ur mail id.

  26. Hello Peter,

    I happen to discover your blog thro’ WP tags…

    Wish you success with your restaurant..


  27. fun pic – danc – movie-

  28. Try this one out for size. http://www.mermanlovesyou.com
    I sent this to family, teachers and my girlfriend with the worst pics ever.

    Hope you enjoy.


  29. Dr. Vijayalkshmi, I think she is from Bangalore and Homeopath, copied me your Rishi-Scientists stuff.
    I found that interesting. Eventhough I know it is true,
    I wanted to know who the author was and his source
    for this absorbing info. More particularly who has done
    the drawings? And why some pictures are missing?

    Please visit my website http://www.healthwisdom.org and maybe we can give reciprocal link to our websites. Keep up the good work.

    Some day when I visit Bangalore next (I have been there thrice before), I will certainly visit your DalFriday. Incidentally, I am a Vegetarian even though my name is Non-Veg !!! 🙂


  30. amazing compilation. Each of the posts are unique and the headlines, brilliant. Keep posting them. They make up for dangerously potential dull days.

    Trust me! 🙂

  31. cool great site..
    love here
    but today I saw a valugar inage on ur site.
    I think such be avoided

  32. i want to join this group

  33. Yours – Lola xxxWriting is all about making sense of life, but sometimes it just doesn’t. ,

  34. Pradeep,

    I saw an incoming link on my blog and took a look at your site, pretty funny stuff.

    I’d like to include you in my blogroll or do a link exchange if you’re intrested.

    Let me know. . .

    —RJ Pooch

  35. Sorry to read of your accident. Hope you are doing much better.
    Just discovered your blog, I like your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!
    “I’ll Be Back.”


  36. hi pradeep sorry for hear about ur accident. such a nice information u have provided here.

  37. Hi, nice to meet you !

  38. Such a great site…I like it.

  39. Very very very nice bike I like it

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