Funny Emails has a popular page now for witty and nice pps files. Thank you for all the emails you guys send us.

Also request you to refrain from asking us to email these presentations to you. The idea they are here is that you may download them online.

Some funny powerpoint pps fileshave adult content- they are marked in Bold. User/reader discretion is advised.

Thank you ever so much.

( Don’t forget to visit http://treebeard31.blogspot.com for more darker stuff.)

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   Victor Molev -Tx Kris

About Cellphones, A little art is good for the soul,attention.pps,Alfredo Rodriguez, Auto Art, catz, Beauty of colours, Blue Beauty, Brazilian Beach Wear, Britain Changed,Burma, Birth.xls,Cuckoo Millionaire,Christmas booking 2007, Creation,Defensive driving, Dirty Cars, Discover Discovery,drawingdog,Dream Car, Engrish,Espana,Failed Artist,Fantastic Trip, Fart,Farewell Letter,football_team_tactics.pps, friends.pps, FoodscapesFucking Town, Gemma Atkinson (Not Rowan Atkinson’s daughter as claimed), Gita Simplified, heartattack.pps, Honda Fuel Efficient Bike, Horrible Jobs, idealhouse.pps,Images of Mars,infinito, Jean Beraud, zpptpamukkale-mhr.pps,Kamasutra in chocolate,Life after 50,Magic Goggles,Male Therapy,marriedtoolong,Medical, Medical Handbook,Montreal Gardens, Mysterious staircase,Namibia and Botswana 2005, neweconomicsviewpoints.pps,New Survey, nice ads, Numbers, oopps.pps, One of those days – NSFW,Onlyin.pps, Optical Illusion, OSRAM,Penguins and Peacocks,People you work with,Perfect (.xls file),Personality Test,Photoshop Magic,Playboy- India, Playboy Pet Calender 2008 NSFW, Playboy Bunnies,Petra, Pirelli Kalender NSFW, Rebirth of the Eagle, Rio.pps, Russian Subway, safest_airline.pps, Sex, Sex Flowchart,sexpositions.pps,Spencer Tunick2,Stuff you don’t see everyday,Superb Sand Art, teamrace.pps,The art of illnessThe AntThe Egg, The KingFisher Calendergirls 2008,The house that golf built (Pdf),The sinking,Things you don’t see everyday,Thirst, Toilets, Vintage Cars, Victor Molev – Metamorphosis , Emerging isms of the new economy, weddingdiary1.pps, What a woman needs, what the judges saw, When they were young,whichbeeriscolder.pps, whygolfisbetter.pps,

38 Responses

  1. hey.thank you all very much,it was fun going through them,thanks again 🙂

  2. Hi It was good going through them they definatly cheered me up!!. I have hundreds if you want them, most are powerpoint and funny films, oh and quite a bit of the other stuff too. Your welcome to it if you want it. Thanks

  3. Chad,

    Thanks do mail them to me to the email ID I sent you. Ill post them here…


  5. Thanks chad for the PPS u keep sending

  6. Hi these are Brilliant
    Please could you send me them.

  7. HI chad or anyone pleeeeeeeeez can you send me good emails…. thanx alot if you do..

  8. hi

    they are very nice …

    can you send me nice e-mails….. thanks a lot …

  9. hi,
    its really nice to see the funny keneral knowledge,please send me such messages….thanku


  11. Really Nice Power point Files , very funny indeed , keep on the good work

  12. Some of the power points are terrific!

  13. ..in that they are very unique and unexpected. The remaining files are useful, informative and ofcourse funny!

  14. AWESOME pps peeps. I have heaps but i can always do with more so send them to me.
    Cheers thanks a lot

  15. Thanks for post !

  16. Hai…

    could you plz send the mails

  17. Hi there…

    Awesome pps…
    Really cheered me up!
    Please send me some of them..

  18. Pradeep doing a good job,keep the show on…

  19. Very funny stuffs. Thanks on providing such valuable PPs. Your site rocks.


  20. Awesome pps … Loved going through them. Beautiful, funny, and touching. Would love more. Thanks

  21. Realy its very nice..and funny

  22. send me sum rocking and funny mails……………………..

  23. how do u usethis blog stuff?

  24. Hi
    Sent them to me

  25. Hey guys, could someone send me a few of those fantastic email slideshows ive heard about. hah, Thanks bunches =-)

  26. Hi please forward the mails to me as well thanks

  27. Hi all Need a Life and a cheer up help . Can Any One send me some PPs, Good stuff to see and be amazed.
    s_dips at hotmail dot com: s_dips@hotmail.com.
    “Chad” any one please assist.

  28. Hi please forward the mails to me as well thanks

  29. valuable collections.

  30. Nice collection indeed worth see it…

  31. ur pps file of friends is horrible. u shud publish nice funny ppts but not like this. Nothing nice.

  32. Easy …. Difficult.pps

  33. dam! cool dude

  34. Enjoyed going throu the powerpoints, but at least half of them are missing. How about taking down the links for the missing ones to save us a lot of time looking for something that isn’t there.

    Oops.Sorry. Could you cut/paste the titles for which the links are missing/ does not open? I could look it up and upload them again.Thanks for writing in. – P

  35. Most of the links don’t work, anymore!
    It would be nice if you refreshed them.

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