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Hitler Blues – LEADBELLY (1942) Blues Guitar Legend

Of all the American songs that came out of World War II, Hitler Blues is one the very few that blames Hitler for his mistreatment of the Jews. This gritty 1942 recording by Huddie William Leadbetter (Lead Belly) is the definitive version, but is not the original.

Hitler Blues- it’s actually not a blues but a folk ballad- was composed by the Texas piano player, Roosevelt Thomas “Grey Ghost” Williams, and recorded by him in 1940. Considering the lyrics, it’s worth noting that this was a year before the United States entered the war.

20 December 2009

Shoutcast Radio – Songs from the 90’s

22 January 2008

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9 June 2007

My favorite Pearl Jam Song from many years ago. I didnt know the lyrics were these till I found Yellow Ledbetter on YouTube

Listen to BE Radio

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  1. i like it and i m enjoying it

  2. Its grt !!

  3. please iwant you to send me meebo musics tank you

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  5. this is so stupid.

  6. you wont leave me alone!!!!!111

  7. This is so great. I thank for my fast internet connection.

  8. Attn: misheardlyricsguy
    Re: Pearl jam

    Wow, I always thought I knew somewhat of the lyrics to that song…Not even close! Thank you for that share. Brightened my day. Loved the editing, Great job!

  9. Every time I hear Yellow Ledbetter it just hits me in the gut. The guitar riff grabs me at the outset, and Eddie’s vocals just kill me.

    Here’s the lyrics:
    Yellow Ledbetter lyrics

  10. I liked it and am enjoying it

  11. i liked the song 😉

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