Historical figures in unexpected places or company.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at his sister’s funeral in Germany in 1937. Lord Mountbatten is also in the photograph.

Vladimir Putin (at the time a KGB agent) undercover in Moscow as a tourist during a visit by then-president Ronald Reagan {Also}

Adolf Hitler, 1914, Munich, in the middle of a crowd.

A teenage President Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy.

Colin Powell performing with the Nigerian hip-hop group Olu Maintain at the Africa Rising Festival in London in 2008.

George W. Bush dancing with members of the Kankouran West African Dance Company in April 2007

George W. Bush with Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the Lakers in the White House, 2002.

John Wilkes Booth watching Abraham Lincoln delivering his 2nd inaugural address.

President Clinton greets Monica Lewinsky at a fund raising event in 1996.

{Also see awesomepeoplehangingouttogether*****}

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