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  1. hi .i am seeking my friend . can u friend me ????

  2. thats one big a*s dog

  3. i love big dogs because there shit is nice

  4. what breed of dog is this???

  5. watkinda dog is this

  6. What breed is that ?

  7. O…. Wow thats amazing ! I send my best wish ‘s to that dog

  8. that is one beautiful dog

  9. big dog all right

  10. do u still have that dog?

  11. I love this dog!!! What kind is it?? Where can I get one? Do you breed??

  12. I believe that dog is a Caucasian Mountain dog otherwise known as Caucasian Ovcharka. It is a livestock protection dog not recommended for the ist time dog owner.

    That said I am seriously thinking of getting…and yah i have had plenty of dogs before but never a livestock protection dog.

    Yup! That is one big beautiful dog!

    • Yeah, Looks like some kind of Caucasian Sheppard Dog. They are very aggressive and suspicious, recognize only 1 person in the family as a master (if any at all). Champion Caucasian Sheppard dogs in Soviet union were known to take out 50 wolfs over their live span.

      • yeah.. you’re correct. My friends had 3 dogs of this bread. They are very good as guard dogs. Very aggressive and recognize only one owner. Great dogs!!! In the Soviet Union they were used as guard dogs in person and in army. Be very careful with them. They can act like a little puppy, next thing you see this dog attacking you.

  13. This may be a Caucasian Ovcharka-males can get to 180+ pounds!

  14. Big dog> small doggie>>bald dog who cares anyway about dog size. Yawnnnnnnn! goshh!

  15. This is a caucasian shepherd- pictured with its breeder- from a famous Polish kennel.

  16. this is a tibetan mastiff. the following is what i gathered about the breed from a website…..

    Tibetan Mastiff
    The Tibetan Mastiff, which is also known as the Do-Khyi, was originally used as a herd and guard dog in its native Tibet. Although often used as a guard dog today, the Tibetan Mastiff is more commonly used as a companion dog.

    This breed is a very intelligent and independent dog. Often doing what they want, they can be difficult to train, but respond well if started young. Extremely protective its family and surroundings, you must keep a careful eye on the dog when it meets strangers. Socialisation of this breed is a necessity due to their strong instinct to guard.

    The Tibetan Mastiff has medium sized brown eyes, a wide black nose with open nostrils, and v-shaped ears that raise when alert. This breed does have a tendency to drool, due to a slight flew opening.

    This breed has a double coat. The outer layer is long and thick, and is generally wavy, while the undercoat is heavy and soft, which protects the dog from cold weather. The Tibetan Mastiff comes in a variety of colours including black, blue, blue-gray, sable, and brindle. Males can weigh anywhere between 170-190 pounds, and stand at 28 inches tall, while females can weigh up to 160 pounds, and stand at 26 inches.

  17. i would really like to know what kind of dog this is i read what people said but not sure on what it is really want to know where i could get one love dogs

  18. I believe this dog is a Leonberger.
    Part Landseer Newfoundlander, part St. Bernard, and part Great Pyrenees.
    They were used to save the St. Bernard breed when there was only one known to be left.
    They are very chilled and great around people and pets.
    I know, because I have a great one!

  19. My dog was a cross between a Mastiff and a Newfoundland. He looked more like a Leonberger and he was about the size as a horse.

  20. It’s a Caucaisian Ovcharka

  21. i love the size its intimidating.i love dogs soo much i feel like studying vet medicine as a 2nd degree..

  22. komplomente

  23. its a tibetan mastiff…we have one. its a great dog. sweet, gorgeous, super guard dog, blow their coat once a year and are hypo-alergenic. never loved a dog like i love this dog. such a character. she makes me laugh everyday

  24. What is this dog? bec my friends wan one for her mom birhtday . Can someone tell me plz!!!!!!

  25. wowwwwwwwwwww

  26. wuoooo kon ese perriyo chito q raza es esra hermoso yo kiero uno

  27. Labradoodles are the ultimate family companion. They adore the attention and company of children and they love to join in and play games.

  28. lol such big animals so cute!!!!!!! XD

  29. GEEZE! my is everyone saying “be carful of these dogs” they kill wolfs” its like they are probablly very nice dogs who are loyall to their owners(:

  30. Trust me – as a breeder of Tibetan Mastiffs for almost 30 years, I can tell you that this is a Caucasian Owcharka, not a TM. Some people have tried to breed TM s of this colour and coat type (why????), but this is not one of them.

  31. Daum!!! That’s a big bitch

  32. wow i love dogs and i love that dog also waht dog is that?
    dog wow i love dogs and i love that dog also waht dog is that?
    dog9 both chihuahuas and Great Danes rule
    dog92 that thing is in the mood for me i just want to snatch it through the freakin picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loves and hope to that dog.
    dog91 guy gut let us just put it fake because that thing is to over weight and there’s is no hell in way that dog can be that big am i m right! it just computer work.
    dog8 bow wow to the music pup! i love it
    dog6 i think it is a a mutt?
    dog4 hey i love the horse/wat ever it is its cute! hugs
    dog93 damm cute dogs

  33. Biggest dog in the world

  34. This is supposed to be funny. Don’t try to analyze it into something else, people.

  35. You would need a bin bag just to clean this dogs shit up 😀

  36. Woah you would need a bin bag just to clean one of thease dogs shit up 😀

  37. thouse dogs r huge i bet their shit is fucking big

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