18 Responses

  1. I love the giant dog, it’s very cool.

  2. I love your website, what pictures do you have of schipperke dogs.

  3. wat breed is this

  4. wow thats big

  5. ho my god !!! en faite je parle francais

  6. that dog is HUGE| at home i have got a cat at home and he has a bit of a droopy bit but he has not lost his cute face but i sill love him to bits.


    sophie elliuottxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. wow those dogs are big and i love huge dog.

  8. man largest dog i ever seen.

  9. Never seen a Giant Dog like this one b4…

  10. ador cainii giganti…..dar si pa aia mici…is extrem de faini…!!!!!!!

  11. ..Wow..! ❤ That it is large dogg..! He Can Bhe mi teddy bear When iGo to bed..

  12. The black and white one is a Harlequin Great Dane and the Fawn one maybe a Mastiff Dane cross. Both Fab!

  13. Is this Photoshop tricks?

  14. I am frustrated that there was NO INFORMATION on the name of the breed & NO INFORMATION ON the breed itself ie: Temperament Strength Activity Needed

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