Having a little fun and saying ‘ooh’ on the floor.”

Oregon House Chamber rickrolled themselves. What next? Autotune?

Must be quite scary living in Canada, eh?

Those who care will figure it out, those who don’t, won’t. Let it ride man, we’re all retards in the end.

“Was great before they showed the rigged photo, then it was incredible.”

Aw man, I don’t wanna play your game anymore!

Before you even think about taking it for a ride…

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{Via Camper bikeKevin Cyr Interview


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How the heck do I get a job like that?

This Australian ad for a candy bar named Chokito is definitely LOL material. In it a guy decides to get some payback on club bouncers by preventing them from going into random locations such as a public bathroom, a gym and a parking lot.

Funny. Or Not. According to one’s tastes.

See what you want to see and disregard the rest.

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Whacko Netipot – How to irrigate your nasal Passage.

Yogic – Jalaneti

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