‘And yes, as I bid you speed and strength, with the extra god by your side, may I make a final plea. You have given us of yourself, and of your son. Now will you kindly also give unto us your luminous daughter.’ Boot Licker extraordinaire Tarun Tejpal on the Gandhis.

No, dude, just wait till we get to 2012. That’s where all the good shit is gonna be happening.

A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman want to get in, but they haven’t got tickets.
The Scotsman looks around, picks up a manhole cover, tucks it under his arm and walks to the gate.
“McTavish, Scotland ” he says, “Discus” and in he walks.

The Englishman looks around, picks up a length of scaffolding and slings it over his shoulder.
“Waddington-Smythe, England ” he says, “Pole vault” and in he walks.

The Irishman looks around and picks up a roll of barbed wire and tucks it under his arm.
“O’Malley, Ireland ,” he says, “Fencing”.

You should have gone ahead and put it on your album, mate. I would have gladly paid the fine for you.

Perform this way – “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s Parody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’

“I take full credit for rousing public anger against corruption. But for my ‘excellent’ governance in the last six years running the most corrupt govt in Indian history, corruption would not have become such a big issue”.But we know how modest Prime Minister Man Moron Singh aka Integrity Singh is. Hence he has refused to take any credit. CLOWN!

{Image Via Jason Pruett}

Via Business Standard PM unveils series of steps to tackle corruption.

Ha! Ha! Loved the camera.

Thats some James Bond shit bro!

I told you there were honest people on the Internet.

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{Via Honest Logos}

Her name is Kelly Riplinger and she said “Yes”.

Jason Fordley, the mastermind behind the sand art question, might well be the most romantic man in San Francisco.

Jason Fordley who hired artist Andres Amador to create this amazing large-scale sand mural wedding proposal

Click image to enlarge {Via}

Having a little fun and saying ‘ooh’ on the floor.”

Oregon House Chamber rickrolled themselves. What next? Autotune?

The meat we sought from that particular bone, however, was in short supply.

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