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The Da Vinci Code. *****

Symbol Quest.***

…and in case you get stuck, as some of you will surely be, here is a list of hints…

Also likes dunking for french fries.

A strangely addictive flash game. It’s easy to fill most of the pipes, but it’s very hard to get them all.


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Now that is COOL ’cause I went to the wrong friggin school.

OKAY! I just learnt something. Dang!!

A++ my friend. Yeahahaha.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World deserves more recognition than it got.

Here’s a ball; perhaps you’d like to play with it.

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Hey! wait a minute. I found some more of him adding insult to everything.

Tiger Woods Gives The World The Greatest Golf Photo Ever Shot {More}

This weekend’s Ryder Cup has one of the most memorable pictures of Tiger Woods and that is the one in which Tiger Woods hit a cameraman directly on his face while his camera captures the shot in a manner that is hard to believe that the photo is not staged or photoshopped.

Mark Pain, a photographer for the ‘daily Mail’ was on a proper position in the 18th hole and ready to shot Tiger Woods’ next move when mistakenly like blue murder, Woods golf ball hit the camera straight and resulted in camera falling from the hands of Mark Pain and hurting his nose and eyes.

Although during such past incidents, Woods as well as caddy Stevie Williams get infuriated with the cameraman for wrong positioning, but this time it was crystal clear that Pain was in the right position while Woods shot lost its direction therefore both were mum and watched silently as Pain left the course. {First Story}

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I lol’d at this

Meet Dude Perfect

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