The more facts on the Malayalee – series continues…

You know you’re a Mallu when…wedding invite

– You can run, ride a motorbike, and play football, all while wearing a lungi tied half-mast

– You have three or more trade unions at your place of work

– Your name is Wilson, and your wife’s name is Baby, and you name your daughter Wilby

– You eat beef puttu for breakfast, beef olathu for lunch, and beef curry with “borotta” for dinner

– You use coconut oil instead of refined vegetable oil and can’t figure out why people in your family keep popping off of heart attacks

– You refer to banana as “benana” or pizza as “pissa”

– You call the snacks served with your drink “touchings”

– You have the words “Chinchu Mol + Jinchu Mol” written on the rear window of your car

– You tend to tie a towel around your head and sing “Kuttanaden Punjayile” after having three glasses of toddy

– Your idea of haute cuisine is kappa and meen curry

– You have at least two relatives working in the US in “the health industry” (i.e. nursing )

– You’re ill and your wife rubs “Bicks” into your nostrils and gives you kurumulaku rasam with chakkara

– You describe a woman as “charrakku/ commodity”

More specifically:

– You refer to your husband as kettiyon; ithiyan, pillerude appan. (You’re a Central Travancore Syrian Christian Mallu)

– Most of the houses in your locality are painted fluorescent green/pink/ yellow. (You’re a Malappuram Mallu)

– You and family all dress up in your Sunday best and drive out on a 100 cc Bajaj mobike to have Malabar biriyani at Kayikka’s. (You’re an upwardly mobile  Cochin Mallu)

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