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“The plant that can water itself”

In the deserts of Israel, there is a plant that waters itself.

The topography of the leaves channels water to the roots (S. Lev-Yadun)

The plant, a type of rhubarb, has specially designed leaves that channel rain water to its roots.

It is the only known plant in the world able to self-irrigate.

“We’re sure this is a unique plant in the deserts of the Middle-East,” says Professor Lev-Yadun. “And we know of no similar plant in other deserts of the world.”

The adaptation allows the rhubarb to flourish in extreme arid conditions by collecting up to 16 times more water than other plants in the region, say the scientists who published details of the discovery in Naturwissenschaften.

Simcha Lev-Yadun, Gadi Katzir and Gidi Ne’eman of the University of Haifa, Israel first noticed the desert rhubarb when studying plants in the country’s mountainous desert.

A rare but popular plant with nature lovers and ecologists, the researchers became curious about the possible advantages of the rhubarb’s exceptionally large rosette leaves, which markedly differ from the small leaves of most desert plants. {Read on}

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