Always be nice, you never know who’s watching.

Click this link and then wait

If nothing happens drag the beer to the right whilst holding the left mouse button down.

Bird, hit by a horse in their general direction.

Stupid Humans: That’s doggie language for – “Please, master. Let’s play fetch?”

Maybe he just needs it to write a bad Czech. Good thing he was in Chile. If he’d been in Saudi Arabia, he’d be minus a hand right now.

As just about anyone who’s ever worked in an office can attest, one of life’s most festering annoyances are people who don’t return pens that they borrow. Now it appears as though Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus may be one of those people, and the citizens of the nation he rules over are none too pleased about it.

You see, Klaus, whose most notable prior controversy was probably his flat rejection of climate change science – a position that he even  appeared on Glenn Beck’s show to tour – was caught on video coyly pocketing a ceremonial pen during a recent visit to Chile. What’s more, the brazen stylus heist took place in full view of the media during a ceremony to announce a trade agreement. The video shows Klaus clearly admiring the pen, then slowly moving it into one of his jacket pockets as Chilean President Sebastian Pinera speaks to the assembled members of the media.

Now, Reuters is reporting that some Czech citizens are accusing Klaus of being a kleptomaniac (Someone who helps himself because he cannot help himself). But the president’s staffers claim that he had every right to take the pen – and that he was, in fact, acting entirely in line with established Czech state protocols. “We at the Prague Castle always give such a pen to delegations, along with a notepad,” presidential spokesman Radim Ochvat told the news agency.{Via Yahoo News}

“Don’t worry guys, it is only a pen, here in India, our politicians steal millions of rupees.”

These guys are so smart…it’s stupid!

Aw man, I don’t wanna play your game anymore!

and the best part is that sex is a taboo topic in India.

17% of the World Population is Indian.

{Image Via The Hindu}

WTF is this shit? Guys don’t have a fart’s prayer in a hurricane.

ICC Cricket INDIA v PAKISTAN WORLD CUP 2011: How Pakistani’s pray before playing India

I think we need to piss this guy off some more and see what else he comes up with.

Scene in India


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