Norma Bar’s Negative Space

Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Noma Bar has created an amazing series of illustrations featured in his book titled ‘Negative Space’ for your viewing pleasure.

Bar creates thought provoking illustrations by manipulating the negative space around various shapes and objects – conjuring feelings of unease and discomfort.

Negative Space can be purchased on Amazon for US$147.29 each.

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I wish I could draw stuff like that. All I can draw are conclusions.

Graffiti by various artists.

Artist of the Day: Peter Gibson, is also known as Roadsworth, is keen that attaches to road markings city of Montreal more than a pretty kettle and a live appearance.

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Did I say this is good? I meant this is far out – f***ing-outta-this-world good.

These movie poster neon GIFs by MrWhaite are sexy, smooth, sleazy, suave, sophisticated and superb all at the same time.

Dude you should like make me your apprentice, man!

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls creates incredibly intricate and realistic paper sculptures. He began experimenting with paper sculptures in the mid-80s and since then has produced more than 500 pieces. Each artwork can take him around four weeks to produce and in some cases have taken up to two years.

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{Via Calvin Nicholls}

Do want. Bad.

Artist “Robert The”, a skillful book carving artist, has brought an interesting and unique concept to life by reshaping old books collected from dumpsters and thrift store bins into eye catching gun shaped book sculptures. The books he selected were all vintage and meant to reassert their images as a reflection of modern day society, culminating a powerful and artistically savy display of meaningful art. {Via}

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You should have gone ahead and put it on your album, mate. I would have gladly paid the fine for you.

Perform this way – “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s Parody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’

“I take full credit for rousing public anger against corruption. But for my ‘excellent’ governance in the last six years running the most corrupt govt in Indian history, corruption would not have become such a big issue”.But we know how modest Prime Minister Man Moron Singh aka Integrity Singh is. Hence he has refused to take any credit. CLOWN!

{Image Via Jason Pruett}

Via Business Standard PM unveils series of steps to tackle corruption.

Ha! Ha! Loved the camera.

Power comes from Earth’s power plants, because we all know electricity grows on trees.

Pierre Ospina‘s Blossom Bulbs are “a mirror image of Nature’s ways of diversification through growth. Rubber shoots spread in various widths and heights.”Via {}

I told you there were honest people on the Internet.

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{Via Honest Logos}

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