The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.

Inspired the superb scene from the movie The Prestige?

People always come up to me and say that my smoking is bothering them… Well, it’s killing me!


Funny how Neil Armstrong had to fill out a US immigration form to re enter earth.


This is how you do it

Your wife wont make fun of your grocery list when she sees this.


“Hey son, what do you wanna do when you grow up?” “I want to create art out of packaging tape!” “oh.”




Amazing fruit fly evolved to have pictures of ants on its wings.


This is unbelievable, but the fruit fly G tridens has somehow evolved to have what looks like pictures of ants on its wings. Seriously, its transparent wings have an ant design on them complete with “six legs, two antennae, a head, thorax and tapered abdomen.” It’s nature’s evolutionary art painted on a fly’s wings.

Recently spotted by the New York Times, the fruit fly is just incredible. Other flies in its family of 5,000 species have other type of markings on its wings but it’s the G tridens that has something so intricate and so specific.

The idea of the ant design, as explained to The National by Dr Brigitte Howarth of Zayed University who first discovered G tridens in the UAE, is that these flies use their wings to ward off predators. The fly flashes it wings back and forth to make it seem as if the ants are moving around and that movement would confuse the predator. Nature’s version of a tattoo, I guess.  {ᔥ Via}


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