Yes, we call that the “bullshit echo chamber” effect.


“I cried because my pants did not have a left leg…until I met another whose pants had no right leg.”


Let me show you the dance of my people


Buddy of mine ended up marrying his “but she’s got big tits” girlfriend (who also happened to be the bosses daughter). Huge, huge mistake. Now she keeps his balls in a lockbox and he cowers before her like a mound of jello in front of a hungry fat man. Additionally, the rest of her has grown to match those big tits so now the whole shebang is big, not just the dairy pillows.

Meanwhile in Pakistan…


I don’t like him anymore, I just don’t like him any less either.

Meet Lilly Singh – Superwoman

My Parents Reacting to Instagram Pictures!

My Parents Reacting to YouTube Comments

Types of Parents

How My Parents React to Someone I’m Dating

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