Sir! I am appalled at the vulgarity of your language!

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The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense.



Saying it like it is.

“Our cover story this week may generate controversy, but only among the stupid.” – Bloomberg Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel. {Via}

I’ll make ya Jump Jump, wiggle and shake your rump. Cause I’ll be kicking the flavor that makes you wanna Jump. How high? Real high Cause I’m just so fly.

Paris-based agency AZC used three giant lifebuoy-like inflatable modules strung together by cord to create one of the most enjoyable ways to cross the River Seine.

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World’s Smallest Street Legal Car.

A group of high school students have built the perfect vehicle for taking a short drive.

It’s called the “Mirai,” which means ‘future’ in Japanese, and measures just 17.79 inches from the ground to highest part of the car, making it the shortest roadworthy car ever built, according to Guinness World Records.

The miniscule Mirai was created by students and teachers of The Automobile Engineering Course at Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan, and they spent a year designing it and six months putting it together.

The motors and controlling components, including batteries, come from a “Q-car,” that was produced by CQ motors in Japan, while the switching console is from a motorbike. Other parts such as the chassis, body, suspension, steering system and LED lights were made at the high school.

The car looks small and sleek and is street legal, but school principal Harada Kazunari admitted that actually driving it on city streets has its challenges.

“It can be frightening to drive Mirai on a big street, especially when the speed goes over 40 km/h because the road is very close to the driver’s eye point,” he said, according to Guinness. “Also, you can feel afraid that you will be run over by other cars. So, we make it a rule, when we drive Mirai on a busy street, to place a leading car to the front of Mirai, and a guarding car in the rear.” {Via}

“At least they’ll never be flooded!”

This mammoth replica of the Biblical Noah’s Ark is a project of the now-defamed Kwok brothers and billionaires. It is claimed to be the only one built to the original size of 450ft long by 75feet wide. Looks like they may need it now.

This popular real life tourist and school children attraction has almost all the known animal pairs outside (72 pairs) and inside the Ark as well as a sophisticated restaurant and luxury hotel.

Having been built, according to the Bible, thousands of years ago, Noah’s Ark has only ever existed in peoples’ imaginations. But now a group of architects who pondered what the Biblical vessel looked like have turned their dreams into reality by constructing a Noah’s Ark replica, complete with animals. Thomas, Walter and Raymond’s land-bound Ark certainly has dimensions on a Biblical scale, measuring a massive 450ft long and 75ft wide.

The tourists go in two-by-two: The Noah’s Ark Theme Park, complete with fibreglass animals, sits in front of the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong

Biblical scale: The Ark in Hong Kong measures 450ft long and 75ft wide

Water sight: The Ark also boasts less authentic Biblical touches such as double-glazed windows and a fine dining restaurant

The billionaire brothers who built the Ark in Hong Kong claim it is the only ful-scale version in the world And the imaginative trio even attempted to give the giant boat an air of authenticity by placing 67 pairs of animals at the entrance, just like the pairs of creatures saved from the Great Flood by Noah in the Bible tale. The creationist-inspired vessel forms part of a theme park near Hong Kong which was inspired by a young girl’s scrawled drawing of the mammoth boat. Architects appear to have used some artistic license in parts of the Ark – for instance including double-glazed windows, a fine dining restaurant and luxurious bedrooms. Inside, real-life exotic animals can be found – including a nautilus, a toucan and reams of fish.

All lit up: The Ark shines under Hong Kong’s lights as a fibreglass giraffe stands guard near the entrance

Authentic: Various fibreglass animals stand outside the Ark to mimic the Bible tale where Noah took creatures on board the vessel The Noah’s Ark Theme Park is now run by Christian organisations, who use it to promote peace and unity. Matthew Pine, manager of Noah’s Ark Theme Park, said: ‘They had a vision to do something remarkable, something outstanding. ‘They came up with many ideas. Some of them were really outrageous. ‘But then they came across this girl’s drawing, and knew it would be something do-able that captured imaginations. ‘So they hired architects and engineers to create the replica Noah’s Ark.’

Food for thought: The Ark also includes a sophisticated-looking restaurant as one of its on-board attractions

Food for thought: The Ark also includes a sophisticated-looking restaurant as one of its on-board attractions

Bed for the night: Guests on board Noah’s Ark can also stay on the Biblical vessel in one of its luxurious hotel-style rooms

Land-bound: The Hong Kong-based Noah’s Ark theme park was built in 2009 and is popular among tourists Matthew added: ‘The reason we chose that moment in the Bible’s story is because this is the message we want to bring to Hong Kong, to China, to the world. ‘In our lives we always face floods, we will face trials, we will face difficulties. ‘Hopefully Noah’s Ark will inspire people to pass through those troubles as Noah did in his day.’ The Ark opened in May 2009, 17 years after plans were first mooted for the enormous structure. It is just one of a number of real-life Noah’s Arks – including one built by a Dutchman that contains pairs of living animals.

You wanna live in this lousy world? You play it cool.


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