Man thought he could solve the cube, little did he know, the cube solved him.

Bn_4JUpIEAAr_kpCelebrating 40 years

Adventure Time MONOPOLY – This would be fun.

Get it here

Now take this incredible video and entertain someone by inviting them over for a beer or ten.

Where can I find a mathemagician?

OMG. After that they evolved into people right before our eyes!!

Rugby fans are taking World Cup fever to new levels, surprising shoppers with flash mob haka around Auckland.

The group of young men appeared from nowhere to perform ear-splitting chants in the city centre and at Sylvia Park mall during the weekend.{Read on}


Most hardcore “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” contestant EVER!

“Do You Have a Problem with That?”

“I know this!”

This must make you feel Good 1/4

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