Close, but you’re way off. We give you an E for effort.


First thing that comes to mind seeing this massive coverup: WTF, Second thing: still… WTF

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Fuck you Siri!

Here’s Why Siri Says Some Wildly Offensive Shit When You Ask ‘What Is an Indian?’

Armed man tries to rob my store, he’s going to get a cap in his ass, I don’t care if he’s driving away or riding a magic pony into the sunset.

In United States of America, it has become very common for thieves to rob malls. Thieves entering malls at inappropriate times with thin crowd and threatening with guns is familiar news. One such shocking incident has been caught on CCTV camera.

A thief tried to rob a cellphone shop by threatening the staff with a gun. An Indian, employed there as a part-timer showed his courage and stopped the thief from succeeding. He was involved in a brutal fight with the robber. Checkout the CCTV footage of robbery and their brutal fight below.

I know you’re there, Tom. Stop fooling around.

Did he died?

Don’t need a reason to be lazy. Being lazy is the reason.

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