What is this wizardry you speak of? Everyone knows you can’t put a glowing lamp inside a clock!

The architecture of Buchwald’s industrial creation fuses his distinctive design principles with his vivid imagination. The steel-and-brass base of the clock, measuring 1.2 meters, displays insect-like limbs supporting the central body while steel brackets enclose the Nixie tubes like arms gripping time; flexible, tentacle-like tubing “nourishing” the Nixie tubes with energy and information is at the core of the composition.

Farny manufactures Nixie Machine II’s modern, vacuum Nixie tubes in his workshop in the Czech Republic. Each tube features a steampunk-like inner structure awash with honeycomb grids and tungsten wires smelted with glass lighting up filigree digits encapsulated in blown glass cylinders. {Read on}


Either you SKATE or you STEAK

This is how a skate shop and butcher share a sign.

The Cuddle Mattress

And what gives you the right, good sir, to create such innovations at your will?

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It really couldn’t be any easier.


A combination urinal and sink isn’t as weird as it sounds—it’s actually kind of genius. Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons’ newest creation, Stand, was inspired by concerns over both water waste and poor male hand washing practices. A sink nestled above the urinal provides a bold hygiene reminder, and the water used is then recycled to clean the unit. {Via}

Oh, yeah that does make sense. Cheers.

{Via Edmond van der Bijl (aka Akamundo)}

We just took creativity a bit too far.

Color Options: Brown or GreyScreen image showing rendering of iOS 7 beta

As slick as it gets.
This hand-crafted iPhone case is made from 100% recycled chipboard, holds any combination of 3 credit cards sized objects, maybe a little cash and has a nifty pull tab for easy access. Created by scoring and folding – no glue used. Available in Natural Grey or Natural Brown.


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