Café Ziferblat

article-2536221-1A81E16600000578-933_634x422“It’s a café that offers all-you-can-eat biscuits, endless cups of tea and unlimited WiFi. The only catch? You have to pay for your stay. The UK’s first pay-per-minute café Ziferblat, which means clock face in Russian, charges customers 3p for every minute they spend inside. When guests arrive at the East London café they take a clock from the cupboard and keep it with them until they leave. They then make their own coffee or prepare food – and sometimes even wash their own dishes. The model has already proven popular in Russia, where Ziferblat’s owner, Ivan Mitin, owns nine other branches and welcomes 30,000 customers a month. The café has been described as more of a social experiment born out of the owner’s utopian dream. The idea is to create a ‘free space’ where customers are treated more like ‘micro-tenants’, as opposed to customers. The London branch of Ziferblat, in trendy Old Street, is furnished with unusual furniture, an antique piano, and a selection of books.” {Via Daily Mail}

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