Its man’s best friend for a reason.

“Every day for the last two weeks, Huang Huang the dog has repeated the same tragic routine. Scratching and sniffing from seat to seat, the lonely pooch scours a bus in the desperate yet futile hope of picking up his missing master’s scent. But his master never comes. In a heart-breaking refusal to face the inevitable truth that he has almost certainly been abandoned, the loyal mongrel has returned to the same bus stop, in Chengdu, southwest China, every day for the past 15. Every day he has waited patiently in line for the bus to arrive, boarded with other passengers and then scoured the seats, whimpering as he goes. Drivers say he spends ten hours every day searching any bus that passes. But finally, as night falls, he gives up and disappears into the darkness, only to return the next day to start again.” {Via}

Sorry Chinese video below

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