2020: Declare yourself International Hide-And-Go-Seek champion. Demand endorsements.

At 64, Yasuo Hazaki admits he may no longer have the speed of an Olympic athlete, but guile is as important an attribute in his chosen

Barney's Hide and Seek

Barney’s Hide and Seek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sport – competitive hide-and-seek – and he is lobbying for it be included in the 2020 Games.

The International Olympic Committee is to  has announced the host city for the XXXII Olympiad at its meeting in Buenos Aires on Saturday, with Tokyo competing with Istanbul and Madrid for  winning the right to host the largest sporting event in the world.

And Hazaki, a graduate of Nippon Sport Science University, believes Tokyo 2020 would be the perfect occasion for the Olympic community to embrace his chosen sport.

“I would like hide-and-seek to be one of the exhibition sports in 2020 and then it could become an official event at subsequent Olympics,” Hazaki, a professor of media studies at Josai International University, told The Daily Telegraph.

Prof. Hazaki set up the Japan Hide-and-Seek Promotion Committee in 2010 and the organisation has around 1,000 members across the country. Many are university students, but the sport can be enjoyed by anyone, he emphasises.

“I want to encourage sport for all, meaning that anyone can take part, regardless of age, gender or ability,” he said. “When you watch sport now, it’s all about world-beating techniques and skills – fantastic dribbling, running or shooting skills in football, for example. {Via}

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