Wish he had everything done by Friday.

The real life RC was one Alexander Selkirk a Scottish sailor marooned in Juan Fernandez is off Chile for 4 yrs from 1676 to 71. He Voluntarily cast away from his ship knowing it was not sea worthy and going to sink sooner or later. His account was made into a book Robinson Crusoe by writer Daniel Defoe. This is a modern version.

Real life Robinson Crusoe… but for how much longer? Castaway living on Australian island for 20 years faces eviction

David Glasheen has been living on Restoration Island off the Australian coast for almost 20 years after he lost £6.5 million on the stock market

  • The Supreme Court in Queensland, Australia has ruled that he must vacate the island after failing lease conditions
  • He was required to develop tourist accommodation and fishing facilities as part of his £13,000 per year lease
  • The man in his sixties has lived self-sufficiently with his sole companion, dog Quasi

A man living alone on an island like Robinson Crusoe for almost 20 years faces eviction from his castaway oasis.
The Australian man has been living on tiny Restoration Island off the north-eastern coast of Australia since 1993 after the former high-flying Sydney businessman lost £6.5 million in the 1987 stock market crash.
Living off crabs and coconuts, and connected to solar-powered internet, David Glasheen has enjoyed a life of private tranquillity his dog Quasi, calling himself ‘the luckiest bloke in the world’.

But the Queensland government is trying to evict the voluntary castaway, in his sixties, after he failed to build a resort on the 1.53ha island, a condition of the lease which allowed him access to the land.
The Queensland Supreme Court recently ruled that the land should be repossessed and that he and his business partners are ‘trespassers’. {Read on} { Among those who tried}

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