You never know when when the perfect joke comes around and you aren’t there to make it.

S.M.Krishna was trying to tell the Italian Minister who came to rescue the sailors, why it is better to have the trial in India . He was

English: Indian Minister of External Affairs S...

English: Indian Minister of External Affairs S.M. Krishna in New Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

trying to impress the minister by elaborating the general hospitality and love that Sonia have got towards criminals. He started with the story of Union Carbide, arms dealer Quottorchi, and how we treat the hero Kasab, etc.

Then a man in Dhoti was passing through the corridor. Krishna said we are protecting him also. The Italian Minister looked at the guy and asked who he was. Krishna replied:That is Chidambaram our Finance Minister. The Italian repeated: Cheat Ambaram? I have heard his name. Wasn’t he your Finance Minister? Of course you should protect him. Krishna smiled and said: you have no idea my friend.

Then he told him the story of the Spectrum scandal and about Raja, Kanimozhi, and showed him the list of black money account holders from the Swiss bank and explained to him how well protected are all these people in India .

The Italian Minister could not resist expressing the appreciation. When he came out of the room, he heard about the verdict of the Kerala Judge to release the ship on a bail of 25 lakhs. Lakhs? What is this? How much is this in Euro? Approx. 38,000. He ran back to Krishna’s room and begged him to have the trial in India . Then he asked for more details about Raja and spectrum.

Highly impressed, he asked whether he can get an Indian Citizenship. Krishna suggested he should get married to a Nehru family member. The minister was confused as the only available one is Rahul. Krishna winked at him and said, my friend, Congress can find a way if you are really interested in the alliance. Then he said to the Italian, now I am going to the press and pretend that I am tough on you. But just ignore it.

The Italian Minister made a few phone calls, the first one to Rome and said he is not coming back. Then he made another call to Sicily and talked to the Mafia Chief: You fool, your operating methods are so primitive. Come to India and learn how they do it with the most modern techniques.

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