“We were looking at how we can replace one high-pitched, weedy noise with another high-pitched weedy noise and we came up with Barry Manilow,”~Richard Stokoe

Barry Manilow live in 2008 during a 1960s sketch
Image via Wikipedia

A Sydney council’s “Manilow method” for dispersing unruly teenagers is attracting keen interest overseas from government authorities keen on tackling anti-social behaviour.

Rockdale Council, in Sydney’s southern suburbs, played Barry Manilow tunes over loudspeakers to stop youths hanging around.

In Britain, where campaigners this week called for a ban on a device in use across the UK known as “the Mosquito”, which emits a high-pitched tone audible only to the young, the “Manilow method” is winning support.

Local Government Association (LGA) head of news Richard Stokoe said his organisation was examining the alternative. {Read on – Sydney Muzak attack}

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