When I Was A Kid I Wanted To Be A Rock Star. I Am A Paleontologist Now, All Set In Stone. What I Was Asking For, I wish, I had Known.

I wanted to be a Naval Aviator and fly the F-14 Tomcat. And that was BEFORE the movie Top Gun came out. I’m now a polysomnographer (sleep tech). Oh well, there’s always booze. On a more humorous note, my pet sister wanted to be an elephant when she grew up. She’s just a couple of cheezeburgers away from realizing that dream.

I wanted to be astronaut or star pilot like Han Solo. As I grew up I realized going to space in real life isn’t as cool as it is in star wars, then I found out I could get to space by consuming magical mushrooms.

  • Age 5 : Indiana Jones
  • Age 10 – 17: Author
  • Age 18 : Journalist
  • Age 19 : French Psychologist
  • Age 20 – now : Programmer
  • Future, hopefully : Indiana Jones

I wanted to be a masseur. Then I decided to actually make some money and got into computers and networking. Then I changed my mind about making money and joined the military to work on computers and networks. Now my wife forces me to give her back/feet/hand massages. So I guess in the end I did become what I wanted at the beginning.


The **** calls them fallen angels. A Sumerian chronicles tell us about the planet Nibiru and inhabited by conscious beings – Nephilim (still referred to as anunaki). According to legend, the Nephilim descended to earth for gold – the atmosphere of Nibiru was relieved and mythical scientists came up with a golden shield to reflect light and heat back to the planet. Every 3600 years, when the mysterious twelfth planet approaches the Earth (promised in 2012-m) giants “merge” there’s gold reserves. For the same legend of a man – a product of genetic engineering, a mix between the Nephilim and terrestrial monkeys, specifically designed to work in the mines.


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