Kavita Bhabhi (cousin of Savita Bhabhi; please don’t google Savita Bhabhi, it is not safe for work and it is not safe for your morals). Saree.

India. Flipkart.

Kavita Bhabhi, a spoof on the popular adult comic character Savita Bhabhi, is attracting many fans; lets users be a part of script

Move over Savita Bhabhi, Kavita Bhabhi is here. And she promises more fun by offering fans the chance to get up, close and personal.
In a male fantasy-come-true offer, the latest virtual Bhabhi, a spoof on India’s hottest sextoon star Savita Bhabhi, lets fans be a part of the storyline. If you key in your name, the well-endowed bhabhi, who has more than a strong resemblance to the original adult comic strip character, personalises the steamy conversation. “Hi, there handsome. Before we can proceed with our naughty, naughty things, can I know your name?” asks Kavita Bhabhi.
The only catch is that the cartoon strip ends with a wimp. The bhabhi, who is more soberly dressed than her original avatar, says she is playing a prank on you!
But Netizens are hooked. With over 51,000 hits in just three days from over 61 countries, the website is on a high. In fact, Kavita Bhabhi is receiving maximum hits in Middle East followed by India. Many surfers are using the website to play pranks on friends on April Fool’s Day.
“Though the end was disappointing, Kavita Bhabhi is an innovative website,” said Yogendra Sharma, 27, a media professional.
“We wanted to ride on the popularity of Savita Bhabhi. The spoof is actually a guerrilla marketing technique where I am benefiting from someone else’s popularity,” said Raj Menon, COO of Contest2win, the website that has created kavitabhabhi.in.
However, unlike Savita Bhabhi, the creators of the spoof don’t intend to turn it into an online porn magazine. “We could have easily increased the cleavage and added more skin-show. But we didn’t want our brand to be associated with nudity. Barring nudity, the graphics match Savita Bhabhi’s quality,” said Menon. {Image Via} {More Saree, sorry, SAREES!}

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  1. hi savita bhabhi ,

    hey , where was savita dear , i was feeling so lonely without her

  2. bindas

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