This is so not true…oztreelam?

As the dream of a separate Tamil Homeland fades away in Sri Lanka, Tamil homeland experts are finding new evidence in Australia’s Northern Territory, that they say was once an ancient Tamil Kingdom.The Northern Territory is home to Australia’s largest population of Aboriginal people, the NT offers a rich array of Aboriginal culture with its 40,000 year old traditions – including basket weaving, spear fishing and story telling.

Experts found the evidence, as a hiker discovered a well preserved Vada and Dosa parcel buried in a cave. Carbon dating in a German lab has found this package to be at least 27,000 years old. Tamil historians in Tamil Nadu say rock paintings of short dark men and women , on the cave walls suggest they were Tamils. They say the cave found in the World Heritage site, Kakadu National Park was originally called Kakaduthurai during the Tamil Kingdom . They also say the iconic Uluru was a holy city called Uluruppalam.

Plans are now underway by the Tamil Diaspora to establish a homeland in Northern Australia and as further evidence surface will be expanded to cover whole of Australia.The new flag will be the same except the soon to be extinct Liberation Tamil Tiger will be replaced with the now extinct Tazmanian Tiger. The most difficult for the rest of the world will be to understand the already difficult aussie accent with a really heavy Ds and Rs and accommodating the influx of white Australians seeking asylum in Sri Lanka .
Major Australian city names will be as follows.



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  1. How could you forget Rajni’s role in all of these?

  2. Forget? Naah… Rajini is an over the top kinda person he prolly wouldn’t be down under. Guess he’s busy being ‘drawn’ into a Sultan of Swi(n)g.

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