Oh! that Maggie Thatcher was a real babe, I can tell you…


Maggie Thatcher Nutcracker

She was the iron lady with balls of steel, which is no mean feat for a woman, but very useful when you want to bust some heads, or indeed put some cabinet member’s nuts in a vice. The parliamentary beast has finally been immortalised in what lefties consider a very appropriate salute to her reign of darkness – the Maggie Thatcher Nutcracker. It’s certain that she cracked a few in her day, and whilst she insisted that she wasn’t for turning, who would have thought she’d turn out to be a right cracker – though less charitable people might just say downright crackers. The great thing about this marvellous incarnation is that it doesn’t really matter if you loved her or hated her, it’s still absolutely brilliant – and after all, there’s nothing quite like having your nuts crushed between the thighs of a powerful woman….


  • A nutcracker lovingly modelled on Mrs Maggie T, scourge of the mining community.
  • Insert a nut up her skirt, squeeze her legs together and hey presto – your nut is cracked.
  • Not suitable for voodoo ceremonies
  • Size: 21 x 10.5 x 3.6 cm.


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