I had 1000 people sign a petition that would allow me to have sex with the hottest girl in school. Democracy at its finest! She’s a fascist though and just tore it up.

A young pretty girl once allowed Dorothy Parker through a doorway first, saying, “Age before beauty.” Miss Parker brushed past her, replying “Pearls before swine.”

9 Responses

  1. She looks like a 15 year old.

  2. I like Florida Town 😀

  3. good

  4. Who is this girl and why is she not in maxim magizine . If those are real and im not saying there not, she should be a little bit more famous than she is. right?

  5. she doh know nothing bout bra

  6. lovely

  7. hot girl

  8. this is wrong ! its a disgrace . those are obviously fake and this is exposing a young girl to a world she never needs to be in. i am truly disgusted that people think this is ‘hot’, ‘lovely’, ‘cute’, and that she should get publicity for this. im truly disgusted.

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