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  1. Crazy but amazing

  2. small lady

  3. how old is she?

    • the littlest angel”, was born Feb.13, 2003, <– that would make her 6, not 22

  4. Its an amazing clip

    • awwww she is so adorable… I hope ya get every care and treatment for her…i ♥ youuu

  5. I don’t really think she’s a 22 year old woman. I believe she is the couple’s daughter. I saw the story on Discovery’s Health channel but don’t remember the particulars such as her age. Sweet little thing tho.

  6. oh god she is so cute………. she looks like a dooooooooolllll

  7. Looks like a figment of Hollywood’s overactive imiagination to me…

  8. She’s not 22 yrs old. She was born on Feb.13, 2003. She has primordial dwarfism.

  9. With a brain that size, i wonder what her IQ is, and how it compares with other primates of similar brain size as a way of improving the estimate of human brain “intelligence-efficiency” per gram of brain matter

    • Sorry, I think Erky’s thought has merit, a brain capacity study would be interesting to many different fields. This doesn’t have to be intrusive to her at all, she seems like such a sweet and happy girl.

    • Size of the brain isn’t every thing. Einstiens brian weighed only 2.5 pounds that is a 1/2 pound less than average.

  10. you stupid piece o_shit (@ erky), your friggin head is like a toilet bowl and you still got enough “intelligence” to be talking crap

    These are pictures of a child with the genetic condition Primordial Dwarfism. Her name is Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley and she turned 5 in February 2008. See her website http://littlekenadie.com/main.html if u dont believe me!

    Thanks Dan,Pradeep


  13. why are you so small?

  14. are you ever going to grow?

  15. i love her 🙂
    she is the cutest girl in the world.

  16. it says she was born in 2003 so she’s only 5 not 22

  17. idk her name but she is only 6 years old and she suffers from something called primordial dwarfism.
    she is not anywhere near a woman but she will only grow up to be about 3 ft tall MAXIMIMUM

  18. I hope she manages to grow one metre.

  19. oh…you cute little girl even she’s small she’s still cute i never saw a girl that is small like her.

  20. if i were her i would give up keep trying because some times things come true.My lil sis is the same way she is trying so hard but people keep staring at here every time she tells me iam the only one who is like this i tell her she is the same as other people but she is a gods gift people think that she is fake but i dont i think the is real so if u dont have nothing to say nice then dont say nothing at all. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  21. hey my name is lawrista and i wanted 2 know how old are u and do u like 2 be small?
    Is that a trick question? However I like the little people in this.

  22. she’s very cute.she is like a doll..awesome..i want to meet her

  23. heyyah hun your ded cute see ya nd dont speak if theres nowt nice kk

  24. oh! she looks like an anthropoid……..

  25. hi.,how are u?feel better?just keep on smilling okay?eat well!!!i love yah!!!!mwuapzez

  26. She looks like a little doll, bless her

  27. How cute she is, oh my, I love her very much she’s awesome and amazing, How I wish to meet her and see her closely.

    I love you so much…………

  28. omg she is thea cutest girl ever may god bless her keep her healthy and let her live for many many years luv ya sweety keep up the good work and dont let nobody bring you down nobody can judge you but god and he made you just perfect big things come in small packages!!

  29. AHHHHH SHE IS CUTE AIN’T SHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Noooooooo. Not Again!

  30. she is sooooooo cute and small

  31. she is adorible I love her may God bless her and keep her safe TO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to meet her

  32. i luv her wish for good live alla save her

  33. awww she is so cute but is she 22 or 6? im confused!

  34. god bless her

  35. X she is soooooo cute xxxxx

  36. Oh my goodness she is so adorable! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful life. God bless ya’ll

  37. she is the cutest thing in the wold I wish she was my kid you keep good care of her ya hear my god bless ya all

    • she is gods little angelm she is so preety god bless her

  38. such an miracle for us to see GODS creation for what he had do9ne on earth such a beautiful creation………so cute and adorable……

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