Super Bowl as always saw some great passes, touch downs and a few slips…but we sure enjoyed them all.

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Super Bowl 42:

Toomer hauls in a 38 yard pass from Manning in the first half.


Plexico Burress pulls in the game winning TD with under a minute to go.


Bambi MacAfee signals for a left turn during the pre game show.


10 Responses

  1. funny

    • I just saw this recently. Does she shine or what I wish we had young ladies like that in Jax

  2. good laugh dumb bitch

  3. did she notice? lol doesnt look like it

  4. Why didn’t this make the news like Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction a few years ago?
    Probably it never really happened at the superbowl or perhaps her assets were not as famous as Janet’s’.🙂

  5. it’s obviously fake?

  6. I’m sorry it happened to her. I’m sure she’s terribly embarrassed, but I have to say, she’s beautiful. And damn near perfect.

  7. Sadly, that is photoshopped.

  8. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I think it great !

  9. I would hit that ass hard!

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