Buffalaxed – a new verb

To buffalax (vb) To decipher an incomprehensible language, usually a short movie clip or choreographed dance sequence from a movie or video from the Asian subcontinent and painstakingly subtitle the ridiculous nonsense into a language that can be easily understood by a larger international audience.

When used in a sentence… I found these buffalaxed videos hilarious.

( Tx Sudhakar)

For a larger audience from the subcontinent I post another buffalaxed video… (Buffalax the user has hence been deleted by YouTube)

and this…hmmm..,


The Wired.com article dtd 6 November 2007

Updated August 2013

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  1. […] 10, 2008 by Munira Apparently, “buffalaxed” is an actual term now, inspired from a YouTube user Buffalax (real name Mike Sutton from […]

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