Volkswagen Christmas card



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  1. Wow tienes imagenes del procedimiento de como hiciste esa carta?

    Wow u have the process of how make this gift card?

  2. did you make this or did vw send it to you?? this is awesome! my hubby is a HUGE vw guy… got any instructions? this would be perfect!

    • I made it. I had to go to a paper engineer to get it produced, and then he had to hand assemble them. We did a limited run of 3500.


      Pradeep, on November 26th, 2009 at 10:56 am Said: Edit Comment

      Wow…Thanks Chris…Big Fan.

  3. I wish I knew, people, sorry.It was sent to me as a Christmas e-card….Thanks for visiting.

  4. That is so cool.

  5. great card.

  6. cool!!!!

  7. its very nice…..

  8. super cool

  9. That is really brilliant.. the problem with creating this kind of cards is, we never know where to start from.. I’m willing to do a blog roll exchange with you.. please respond.

    my blog is

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