Harry potter Vs Star Wars



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16 Responses

  1. that’s actually very dumb. there’s a lot more to both storylines than appears here, so when you cut out 40% of it, sure they both look really similar. no.

  2. OhEmGee! I totaly have to dissagree with shannon. I LOVED this! Sooo funny!

    • u guys r such dumasses how is this funny it is insulting. This idiot just gets a few similar things and call it “the sams”

      ps. this actually is me Eva Longoria just kidding not!

      or am i kidding…..

      • Canada, Ontario
        Lat: 43.4330 Long:-79.6670

        You better be kidding Eva…

  3. This is hilarious, but I have to agree there are pretty big differences in the two stories, especially in the last books.

  4. Harry isn’t rescued by muggles…. o______o

    • it says rescued from muggles not by muggles

  5. nuff said. we all know which arrived later and who copied from who.

    If thats merely by coincidence, LOL. I can swear JK rowling’s heard of Star Wars and the least she could do was to make a storyline thats original.

  6. The author of this piece should understand that definition of Plagiarism has changed as we have evolved!
    I can also draw a parallel between Harry Potter and Lord Krishna if you say!
    – Saved from death by the hands of villian Kamsa
    – Both unknowingly possessing magical powers
    – Krishna conquered sheshnaag indirectly implying he could talk to snakes…..The list goes on if you dig deeper really !! Its ‘inspiration’ as Bollywood directors say 😉

    • Keep it up Man! You’re an inspiration. Now, may you inspire Bolllywood to greater heights too.

  7. @SSSHOLELA, what an idiot you are. Harry Potter is NOTHING like Star Wars. That is just the first book, the whole storyline is far greater than that. J.K. didn’t copy anything. >.> You should just keep your ignorant mouth shut when you don’t know what you’re talking about. And what does Quidditch have to do with battling?

    Anyways, Harry Potter isn’t like Star Wars in the least, when you consider the WHOLE STORY, ALL SEVEN BOOKS. And, in my opinion, Harry Potter is much better. It’s got the book sales and the movie grosses to prove it. 😀

    • O.K, Sith and Muggles, let’s take this force outside…and No Blasters!

    • star wars pwns harry potter but i like them both

  8. All I read here derpity derp derp. Harry Potter is not all about Quidditch, that’s merely a subplot, an activity that adds to the childhood of the Chosen One if you will. And btw, you best be quiet cuz I know there is a world of hardcore Potter fans out there who are willing to rip ya to shreds should you slam the greatness that is Potter

    • What can a Muggle say. Hey, wait. Where is my Jedi Light saber?

  9. It was a joke. Calm the Hell down people.

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