Talking Sex in Acronyms

Talking Sex in Acronyms

The latest Club and Pub sex talk is in acronyms…so if you scratch your head and wonder what your ex is discussing with your friends and glancing at you…( oh! trust me that could happen)…with that smirk on her face. You’ll in all probability thank me for having read this.


The Long of it-
What the heck does it mean?

Bare Back Blow Job-
Blow Job without the condom on

Covered Blow Job-
Blow Job with a condom on

Making love old style. Man on top. Woman below

Cow Girl-
Woman on Top, facing the guy

Reverse Cow Girl-
Woman on Top, Back towards Guy

Making love to a woman, like an animal-that means ripping her clothes of, pulling hair etc., and the next morning using your credit card to cover her loses at Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and the local Vietnamese Beauty Salon.

Bare Back Blow Job Till you Cum in her mouth –
I don’t think that needs any further explanation except please be ready to cover your left cheek when the slap comes hard and fast “WHAT THE FUCK” “YOU PROMISED YOU WON’T CUM IN MY MOUTH.”

Bare Back Boning-
If you want to make a child that’s what you do.

Boning with a Hat (Condom) on –
If you DON’T wanna make a child that’s what you do

Doggie –
You perverts – you know what this means!!!

Mini-me between the tits –
You arouse yourself and cum between the woman’s tits

Anal Sex

For more acronyms you may have please add those in comments

No it doesn’t mean anything else except what it meant in the above line!

2 Responses

  1. LFK ???

  2. DATY – Dating at the Y i.e. cunnilingus

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